Project Goals :

Within the scope of daily coronavirus measures, the number of cases coming from provincial hospitals regarding the coronavirus measures taken in Turkey is calculated and determined in four categories as Very high-risk provinces, High-risk provinces, Medium-risk provinces and Low-risk provinces, which will be applied in the cities according to the calculated measurement results. By citing these numerical value ranges calculated according to the measurement results regarding the measures regarding the measures taken, it is possible to give output to the cities in Turkey that has the risky province category from the specified categories (Very high-risk provinces, High-risk provinces, Medium-risk provinces and Low-risk provinces) according to the entered data; The curfew according to the entered age data, the age graph measurement parameters determined by Turkey’s current statistical measurement data, which shows which age group the curfew covers, as output according to the entered data; According to the measurement criteria determined separately for weekdays and weekends, the place, transportation, restaurants, restaurants and markets are “open” or “closed”, and their suitability according to the entered age data; The change of the curfew restrictions according to the determined age ranges of the cities whose categories (measurement constraints) are determined, the curfew of certain age groups in this direction by changing the risk category at certain hours according to the weekdays or weekends, the program that outputs as a result of the query according to the entered data, Python programming It aims to design a program that can renew itself using the language, a subroutine always open to development.

Project Results :

While implementing the program, PyCharm 2017.3.4 Ide sourced from python language was used. In practice, random number assignments were made for each province variable in Turkey in certain number ranges from the hospitals in that province. Random number assignments The current case numbers published by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey are not taken as reference. The program has been implemented for the prototype stage, is open to development, and promises to be developed and updated in the following stages, with reference to the current case numbers published by the Ministry of Health through the network. After the calculation results, the program performs measurements according to the number of cases in the provinces and assigns risky situations to the provinces from 4 categories. Afterwards, a table is created according to the results of the demands from the provinces determined according to the risky provinces categories within the scope of the curfew, and the result of the inquiry about the scope of the curfew is informing the user at what times it is appropriate to go out on the street.

Project Name :

Python Application of Measures to be Taken According to Covid-19 Outbreak Measurement Parameters

Project Duration :

12 Weeks

Origin :

Fall Term 2021, Turkey