Project Goals :

In the use of the biometric system, first, a sample of the user’s biometric information is recorded in the system’s database, This database is kept on a local disk, a disk on the network or a smart card specific to each user, Then every time the user wants to use the system, the biometric information is stored on a sensor. transfer it to the computer via and enter the password if desired. Accessing the information of the computer user taking the given sample from the database and obtaining a result by comparing both information.

Project Results :

Biometric systems, which are used for fingerprint identification via image, are seen as an important authentication system technology due to widespread use and high image identification accuracy. For this reason, in this study, biometric systems were examined and by using biometric method for fingerprint identification on image, feature points were obtained from fingerprint image and fingerprint recognition and identification verification system was implemented. Fingerprint verification is a method of identifying fingerprints by obtaining feature points by using the differentiation of lines and intervals formed by the skin features in the finger structure. These feature points are the end and fork points where the fingerprint image is digitized with special hardware and this digital image is revealed as a result of some operations by using the MATLAB program on the computer. In this study, these lines were transferred to the MATLAB digital environment. The MATLAB function was used for the feature point finding process, and the individual pattern was extracted for feature-based fingerprint comparison by removing the wrong features from the extracted fingerprint feature points and correcting the errors. Finally, success results were obtained by processing fingerprint patterns with a database consisting of four fingerprint patterns belonging to four people and the user interface implemented in the MATLAB environment. In the comparison of a sample taken under appropriate conditions, it was seen that the success rate was quite high, the rate of false acceptance and false rejection.

Project Name :

Fingerprint Diagnosis, Recognition and Identity Verification via Image

Project Duration :

12 Weeks

Origin :

Fall Term 2018, Turkey