Project Terms :

A robot is a machine that collects information by interacting with its sensors and its environment, interprets and evaluates this information, and takes action to fulfill the tasks assigned to them. Robotics is a branch of science that deals with the preparation of robot systems that can assist humans or be used instead of humans. It is the common interest of various engineering branches such as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer and software engineering. Although the humanoid robots seen in movies come to mind when robot is mentioned, washing machine that adjusts the amount of water to be used according to the weight of the laundry, automatic parking system in automobiles, home cleaning robots can be given as examples of robots used in daily life. In order for a device to qualify as a robot, it must be able to make a decision and be put into practice as a result of this decision.
The working principle of robots includes 3 basic steps. It collects information from the environment through its sensors. It then interprets this information through the program loaded onto it, and finally reacts appropriately to the decision. There are three basic components that enable robots to work in accordance with the tasks they are expected to perform. These; Sensors, Actors and Control Board.

Project Goals :

Snake robots work best when their unique features give them an advantage over their environment. These media tend to be long and thin like pipes or very messy like rubble. Therefore, snake robots are currently being developed to assist search and rescue teams. Also, when a mission requires a number of different obstacles to overcome, the locomotive flexibility of snake robots aims to make them good candidates. For example, if you need a robot to carry a camera to the top of a tree growing in water, there are three things you need to do; Move over the ground to the water’s edge, swim towards the tree, and then climb the tree. You can make a robot that does any of these three very well, but being able to do all three and many other tricky combinations is what makes snake robots outstanding. Also, snake robots can be used by animal control officers to suppress rabid or invading creatures. Raccoons, barn cats, and large rodents typically respond to the presence of the snake robot with attacks in which the snake robot emits an electric shock, paralyzing the attacker. Traditional snake robots move just like snakes, only by changing the shape of their bodies. Many variants have been created that use wheels or steps for movement. No snake robot has yet been developed that can fully mimic the movement of real snakes. However, implementation studies have begun.

Project Results :

First of all, the need should be determined, it should be realistic, the benefit to be received should be calculated with the continuity multiplier, the cost calculation should be done correctly, the maximum benefit minimum cost principle should be taken into account by considering the investments and studies to be made in the future.
We can list the important factors to be considered in the robot system as follows;
Working volume, Repeatability, Speed and load carrying capability, Control unit, Software, Other features.

Project Name :

Applications of Robotic, Snake Robot(Snakebot/Snake Robot)

Project Duration:

2022 – Continuing


Spring Term 2022, Turkey