Eren Kurt, Engineer

Hi, I am Eren. I am an Electrical Engineer, I am also senior 2D designer which has two sizes dimensions electrical projects.
Currently, I have been trying to develop 3D drawings in Revit, Cinema 4D, specifically field of surface topography. I have been impressed me topography of objects whole time since I was kid.
I make in Adobe After Affects and Sony Vegas applications by arranging and working movies in a studio setting. I try to provide some gains for myself by helping the projects, drawing, renting and other investments tools. I designed this Website and I will add much more sections and projects gradually on Website. I am mostly organised and quiet person. I get on well with my friends and co-workers. I am also Knight Online player as a professional, as a mage since I was a kid. I love to play Knight Online. I like to spend my time by taking and sharing photos, by listening to stories, history and people, by talking about sociology and by inspecting surface objects in the world.

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